Graham Haskell

Graham Haskell was born in England and educated in Australia. He traveled extensively in the USA, Europe and Asian countries first as an athlete then as a designer and manufacturer in the fashion industry. As an athlete he was the Australian 100 meter sprint champion with a best time of 10.1 seconds which was then the Australian record. In 1974 Graham was a Commonwealth Games Gold medalist. Many years on the running track are visible in his approach to line and curve. Graham spent over 15 years designing and marketing women’s fashion in Australia before moving to Tasmania.

Graham returned to education in the last few years now completing a PhD in philosophy with a focus on the concept of sustainability.


Exhibition at The Artist's Garrett Gallery

Artshow at Ciuccio, Salamanca, Hobart
Artshow at Maldini, Salamanca, Hobart
Artshow at Elaia, Launceston
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